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Varada Sharma

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Hello and Namastey!

Glad you are here. I enjoy experimenting with paper and food and home decor and other creative things.
You too? That's great! Let's be friends then, shall we? :-)

Overcome crafter's guilt (use up that stash!)

Unique, special card front with cascading flowers

Washi tape card design - with stamping

Washi tape card design - ombre or color-blocked panels with embossed details

Washi tape card design idea - use washi to ground the focal point

Add stitching on cards the easy way

Card idea: Collage card

Adding colors to embossed designs

Simple coloring on digis

Stretching patterned paper designs with stamping

3rd technique to use Stitching Dies without stitching

2 Ways to use stitching dies without stitching (and a double shaker!)

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