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A new phase in the life of Sharma household

Hey friends,

I hope all of you are doing just great. Enjoying the summer, achieving successes, spending time with your family and loved ones. Doing everything that pleases your heart and brings you great joy.

I thought of writing today to tell you that I am going to be gone for the next 5 weeks. I am going back to India and bringing my family over to Nashville.

I will try and post a hello in between if I can, but can’t promise it will be every other day or even every week. I am sorry about that :( I’ll try and be better prepared next time. I promise.

By the way, here’s what I’ll be busy with. My dear husband Mr. C and adorable little princesses, whom I’ve missed so much in these past 4 months, will be moving to the US with me! I’m so looking forward to going back home from work to all of them everyday. And to getting my folks settled in this whole new country they’ve never been to before. And to beginning the next phase of our lives for my little family.

I am hoping all of you will keep me in your prayers (please please please do so. I’ll need every one of your good wishes…) and wishing for my transition to be smooth.

I am also hoping you’ll miss me and these little tit-bits I keep putting up here. :)

Please do feel free to write back to me or leave your kind, encouraging notes on this space so I know you are thinking of me.

Till I see you again, my dears… In August 2012.

Lots and lots of smiles and hugs and my very best wishes to each one of you…

C ya,

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