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Baby girls moments – princess scrapbook

Warning: this is the first time I am undertaking a scrapbooking project, so not sure my process is right. I am just going with what-works-for-me. :) Before making full fledged pages and layouts, I’ve decided to put together various embellishments. Here’s first set of princess attire:

PrincessDress base 1

All these are made from paper.

The dress: I have used thick pink color paper like the one used in greeting cards. (Do you call it cardstock?) It’s a simple evening gown cutout embellished with stones and white paper roses. I used the simple and fun tutorial by Dozi Design for making the roses. Grey and pink design is added later on the image using, what else? Photoshop! :)

dress copy

For our princess’s make up we have (oh my I can feel the same excitement as I did when me and my friends used to dress up our dolls):

  1. Mirror: Again I cut the same think pink sheet (actually this is a recycled sheet from some brochure) to the shape of a compact mirror + face powder thingie. On the inside I’ve stuck a round foil paper to act as a mirror and a round off white colored paper to act as the face powder. Tiny glittering start on top are a work of PS.

  2. Lipstick and comb: Pink paper and handles wrapped in foil paper.

  3. Shoes (my fav.): Pink and dark pink colored paper cutout adorned with stone and a thick thread bow.

The grey swirls are again PS.

shoes and makeup copy


  1. I drew a tiny tiara and glued the thick thread tracing the line. Embellished in between the loops with pink and white stones.

  2. The bracelet is a simple ring adorned with stones.

  3. Earrings and pendant are again tiny metal rings from my jewelry chain maille collection on which I’ve hot glued matching pink and white stones.

tiara and jewelry copy

I then took my hybrid scrapbooking project (is there even such a thing?) to another level. Combining these images with my older princess’s snaps, I made the following layout:

Princess Diya

What do you think? Would you to create something like this with your baby’s pictures? Is there some way I can help? Do let me know :) As always, thanks for dropping by @ my e-place.


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