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Varada Sharma

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Background check – recap and a Winner !!!

Hello friends! I am very excited to announce that we have a Winner!!!

Feb 2017 Winner Announcement

I will email you shortly, so that I can get your gift card out to you, @BunnyD!!

Thanks so much for all the love you all shared here and on instagram. We explored 13 different ways to enhance card backgrounds – some very simple to some slightly complex / advanced. I hope each of you found something that clicked with you :-)

Here’s a quick recap:

Background check - idea 1

{Background using the pattern on the paper itself}

vsbackgroundcheck - 2a

{Create an anchor for the focal point}

background check card 3

{Use embossing folder}

background check card 4a

{Use watercolors to create a background}

background check card 5a

{Go plain}

background check card 6a

{Ink blending}

background check card 7a

{Use doily / die cut}

background check - 8a

{Use background die}

background check - 9a

{Use background stamps}

repeat stamp sentiment

repeat stamp image

{Repeat stamp images or sentiments}

background check - textured cardstock

{Use textured card stock}

background check - faux embossed

{Faux-embossed look by adhering several die cut words or images}