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Breaking the silence {Wallpaper}

I know I’ve been silent for quite some time now. Last couple weeks I’ve been down with Typhoid. Fever, medicines, tiredness. All were a part of my days. But all that is over now.

I am feeling better. No fever for last few days. Now all that I want to do is take things a little easy for some time and eat good home-made food so my body can reclaim what is lost.

It also means I want to reach out to you again. One of things I missed most for last couple weeks was my blog. My virtual world.

I want to talk. :)

Here’s one wallpaper which I put together a while ago. It says, “Let’s talk”.


I think this festival season we should try and talk

– to our family

– to our friends

– to our children

– to our parents

– to our neighbours

– to all our loved ones

Tell them that they mean so much to you. They are so very important in your world.

Let your heart out. Share feelings of love and good will. Express thankfulness.

This festival season, Let’s Talk!

Click here to download your copy of the wallpaper.

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