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This post is long overdue. It’s a confession of sorts.

I have this weird (OCD’ic?) urge to always do something – if there aren’t 3-4 projects running side by side for me to chase, I don’t really feel good. It’s like my brain feels useless if it is not solving something.

Also, I am always full of worries. Correction, I used to be always full of worries.

I used to start a new project – at work or at home (artsy-craftsy stuff) and also start worrying when I was not able to get something done in one sitting. Once I was able to complete one project, I’d start a new one and keep the ball rolling for working and worrying.

A couple years ago when Shikha introduced me to “The Secret”, I began paying close attention to my thoughts and feelings. It has been incredible since then to discover how my thoughts could manifest things.

I have also started taking definite steps to give up worries. Years of practicing and perfecting the art of worrying do not help much, but I am trying. I am pretty sure I will get out of it soon. :)

So, when this new year came, I was asking my Kanha to guide me on my path to give up control, give up worries, give up stress.

From the depth of my heart, a single word glowed bright and clear.

The word was “Cherish”.

Live without worry, guilt, fear. Live free. Be fond of life.

And this, my dear friends, is my personal mantra for this year.

Cherish. Every day. Every moment.

And in true VaradaSharma style, I’ve been spreading little reminders of this mantra every where.

jlt 068

{A new year’s gift to one of my friends. Simple, classy. Wish I could show you the glittered red outline.}

jlt 065

{A sweet little reminder of my hometown, Goa, and its carefree lifestyle. On my kitchen wall. Fun colors for my fun loving family.}

Cherish office

{A pretty little girlie something for my otherwise stiff, serious, messy office desk.}

Like what you see here? You can also make something like this for yourself using the images below. I’ve intentionally separated the front Cherish word art from the chevron at the back.

cherish final 1 front copy

Print, cut and use the inner line to add glitter.

cherish final 1 back copy

The design might crop itself when you print on a letter / A4 size sheet. It won’t hurt the design, I promise. :) Print and cut. Adhere the above Cherish word art with 3-D tape / glue dots for a raised look.

Mount on a mat and embellish as you wish. Frame, hang on the wall and admire your handy work.


Every day. Every moment.

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