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Colorful, lightweight, wall mounted vases

Empty Pringles / Salt containers (or any cardboard container of your choice)


Mod Podge


Scrapbook papers (Do you remember, the infamous flood in our apartment? Some of my precious scrapbook papers got spoiled at that time due to water. They got black patches. I used these papers here. The blackened portion goes towards the wall and is not seen at all. )


 Assemble and mount using push-pins on the wall.

I cut paper circles and mod-podge’d them to the bottoms of these vases, because I mounted them directly on the wall without any shelf. If you plan to put them on a shelf or mantle, you can leave the bottom of your container bare.

pringles vases

Hope you like this simple craft. Super easy and a great way to get kids involved with you.

Hope 2013 is an art-sy, craft-sy, family-fun-sy year for you!

Heartiest wishes.



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