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Craft therapy

One of the fastest ways for me snap out of negative feelings or to express happiness is to go create something beautiful. It helps me take my focus away from whatever it is that I do not particular like. It has helped me manage work when work got stressful. It has brought out the joy in me when I was very happy about something.

One of things I like about people in America is their love for handmade. Michael’s and Joann’s stores are no less than Disney Land for the crafter in me. I have never been to HobbyLobby yet, but I think I’ll go equally crazy over there too.

So over this weekend, with about 10$ worth of supplies purchased from Michael’s + Joann’s and my trusted old tools (yeah, I brought them with me from India!) I created a few pairs of earrings:


Now that is what I call an afternoon well spent!

Like any of them? Do let me know :)


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