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Cute holiday cards with Kathy Pisupati

Hi friends, I hope you all are doing well. Holidays in the US are just around the corner. To some of you it will mean more things to do (family visiting, hosting people) while to some of you it will mean slowing down and taking some much deserved me-time. No matter where in the spectrum your days seem to be, I hope you find peace and contentment in you heart.

And in case you are stressing about some last minute cards, I am here to show you 3 ideas that can be put together really quickly. What's more - two of these use our free-this-month stamp sets and they can be mass-produced fairly easily.

All these ideas are courtesy of my dear Insta-friend - Kathy Pisupati. Have you ever felt some connection to someone just with the first few sentences you exchanged with him/her? Kathy is one such person whom my heart naturally invited in and I think she is here to stay in my world :) Do check out her fantastic creative adventures at and her Instagram at .

Card 1:

For instructions, refer here.

Card 2:

For instructions, refer here.

Card 3:

For instructions, refer here.

There you have it. Three cards to help you with last minute crafting needs. :-)




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