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Varada Sharma

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Dad and Daughter scrapbook page

The picture here was taken on a typical Sunday morning. Everyone woke up late and then scrambled for bath etc. Me and Bhabhi were running around trying to get the kids ready and get the breakfast on table. And, Akshu was adamant that she wanted her nails painted. (Ha, girls!) I was getting irritated with her. That’s when Mr C stepped up to do the honours. Akshu calmed down immediately and they both got busy with the nail paint. I grabbed my faithful Android and stole the precious moment.

I may not tell him this very often, but I believe Mr C is a very good dad. He knows when to be strict and when to ease up. I admire that in him, try to learn that from him. I like how he is patient with our little Akshu. She is a very very stubborn baby at times. She quarrels with him a lot, but he – more often than not – is very kind and loving to her. I love how they both bond together. Just like dads and daughters should.

In our busy lives it’s simple pleasure like these that we treasure most, don’t we? That’s what I’ve tried to capture here. This photo makes my heart fill with love. I hope it shows through the page.

IMG855 (2)