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DIY Fabric Strips Rug

Hi friends! Hope you are having an awesome day!!

In our home we (me) are a huge fan of easy DIYs. As some of you would know, I recently changed my job and between those two, I got about a week time-off. Kids had some more summer time remaining at that time and we utilized it to work on some cool projects. One of our projects was this cute DIY rug.


This is a very simple DIY to do and I used it as an excuse to teach my younger one how to sew. Nothing fancy, just basic straight stitches.

First I thought of cutting strips out of our old clothes, but then decided to just donate them and use ready made strips instead. We used two rolls of fabric strips we got from Joann. First we laid down the strips into a pattern that we liked.

DIY Rug - strips into pattern

Next I attached each strip to the next on its short side using normal straight stitches. I did this part and made sure that both the strips that were getting attached, had their right sides together.

Once we had a long strip of colorful cloth, I used it to teach my younger daughter how to do straight stitches across the middle (on the longer side). She learnt it pretty quickly and she said, “This is as if the needle is swimming in the middle of the lane!”. Kids!! :-) I also taught her how to scrunch up the cloth by pulling it over the stitches.

Ms A Sewing

Initially we had bought only one roll, so we just went with that. When we realized we would not have a large enough rug, we got one more roll, again from Joann. {Of course, I used coupons to get 40% to 50% off both times! }. We divided half of the second roll on each side so that the overall pattern still stayed somewhat balanced.

Once we had a very very long strip of all the pieces scrunched up together, we arranged it in a circular pattern over a rug pad. And then I attached it to the rug pad using hot glue. My younger one does not yet handle hot glue, so I did this part myself :-) I wasn’t getting a good grip with the rug having so many holes through it. So I used a very old t-shirt right under it and glued everything together.

Finally I went around the rug, rug pad and the t-shirt to make sure we had a somewhat round-ish rug. This is how it looks in Ms A’s room right now. :-)

Supplies List

For your convenience, I am sharing links to the supplies I’ve used for these DIYs or are very similar – click on the picture or link to go directly to the product. Wherever available, I have used affiliate links, which means when you make a purchase, I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) which I use to run this blog. I truly appreciate your support!

Jelly Roll Cotton Fabric 20 Strips…

[ JOA ]

Jelly Roll Cotton Fabric 20 Strips…

[ JOA ]

Utility Liner (rug pad)

[ JOA ]

Mini Lo-Temp Glue Gun With Trigger-White

[ JOA ]

Adhesive Technologies Multi Temp Mini…

[ JOA ]

Hope you enjoyed this idea. Do give it a try. I am not sure how sturdy this is and how long this will last. But I already had the glue gun and had got the rug pad for something else, so this DIY cost be less than $15. And yes, I got a chance to spend some creative time with my precious daughter. I call that, totally worth it :-)

Big hugs, ~Varada

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