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DIY Planters 2 – Using Recycled Containers

Continuing our planters DIYs (from here), I have another idea for you today. We all have different containers that come with various packaging, right? Canned goods, milk supplements and such? With these 3 easy steps, you can transform these into cute planters, specially for indoor succulents, herbs and other small plants.

  1. Flatten out any sharp edges with the help of a hammer and clean the container thoroughly.

  2. Removed the label (or keep it for a funky look!). For those labels which are hard to remove, simply soak the container in warm soapy water for some time.

  3. Spray paint or use contact paper to make them pretty.

Tip: For drainage, you can either drill holes in the bottom or add some rocks to the bottom before adding potting soil.

DIY Planter using recycled containers

Bonus Tip: You can even use them as pretty containers for office supplies or to hold some artificial flowers.

Bonus Tip 2: Fold in flaps of an empty cardboard box and cover it up with contact paper (pretty much like you’d wrap a present, except don’t cover the top part) to get a pretty storage basket.

DIY Planter using recycled containers

Check out this post for a list of my favorite contact papers on Amazon.

I can’t wait to see what you guys create with these tips. Do share, please!

Big hugs! ~Varada

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