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Double side step card {tutorial}

I could not make it to one of my colleague’s wedding but I did make him a gift. His gift was a card that had a photo frame in the middle where he can display his wedding time snap.

I also blogged about the card in my happy new year post and I promised a tutorial for you guys, so here it is :)

You’ll need

  1. Heavy paper 8 inches X 12 inches

  2. Some colored craft papers

  3. Flower Craft punch

  4. Leaves craft punch

  5. Bird silhouette

  6. Embellishments of your choice

  7. A photograph which is 3.5 inches wide and about 4 inches tall

First of all take your main cardstock or any similar heavy paper. Cut and fold as shown below:

happy new year card template copy

This should create the base for you card.

Prepare the decorations. Create a few rolled paper roses in different colors. Use the flower craft punch to create flower petals and attach them one over the other to create little flowers. Apply a little coordinating (blue-on-blue) glitter on these flowers. You can use small leftover scraps of paper also for these flowers. Use green or similar paper to punch out some leaves. Apply green glitter on them.

craft punch1

You’ll need the card to be kept steady when attaching flowers, so first of all attach strings of pearls as stoppers for the side steps. Once these are affixed properly, attach the flowers and leaves.


For the center panel, I created a recessed window so that Harsh could put his wedding picture in this.

recessed card copy

The size of paper (outer most rectangle) is 4 inches wide by 5 inches tall. The rectangle in the center is same as the size of photo you want to insert. Score along all the rectangular lines and cut along diagonal ones. Now take the middle rectangle edges and do a valley fold on them. You’ll have four triangles popping out on all four sides. Then take the inner rectangle edges and do a mountain fold. You’ll get the recessed window. You can use scalloped scissors for the outer edges. or leave it plain.

I took a b&w print of Harsh’s pic and tried that the size was correct:

frame 1
frame 2

(I used one of the brochures which we got from builder folks when we were house-hunting  for this frame. Looks great from the front, and backside will not be seen as it is. Waste-not-want-not! :D)

After affixing the photo frame to main panel, add two bird cut-outs (I used the images below as my guides and stuck them one on each side), a few more roses and leaves.


On the center portion of the card, add your sentiments. I stuck the “Celebrations” word cut from Cadbury’s chocolate box with double sided tape and embellished around it with some fine gold chain and flat back crystals.

I also created a broach (?) kind of ensemble – a single red rose, blue flower and leaves with double sided tape at the back. I’ve asked Harsh to insert his picture into the frame and then attach this to the top right corner of the frame. This is for the extra special touch ;)

All in all this is how the whole thing looks right now. I’ve put in my older princess Diya’s picture in it because Harsh is yet to get prints of his wedding pics. Also I havent affixed the rose broach on this one. I’ll post an update once he is able to insert his picture and set it up.


There. You have the tutorial now. Go try it out yourself. Do let me know how you liked it. Enjoy!!!

p.s. Sharing this on Craft-O-Maniac Monday


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