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Easy and Creative Ideas with Stencils

Hi everyone,

It's Colleen here, joining you on Varada's blog today! Welcome! I am going to show you easy and creative ways to use a stencil using one of Varada's designs from Maker Forte called Diamonds in a Row. To shop Varada's entire line at the Maker Forte store, click here.

I started with a white A2 sized card panel and Catherine Pooler inks in Coral Cabana and Samba. Starting with the lighter color, Coral Cabana, I inked blended through the Diamonds In a Row stencil and then heat embossed it with WOW! Clear Gloss powder. That added shine to the stencil! and protected the first layer of color.

Next, I did a 2nd layer by moving the stencil 1/2 turn and adding the next darker color of ink, Samba. The heat embossing from the first layer resists the ink from the 2nd layer, and creates a nice 2 toned, monochromatic look to the background card panel! Can you see it in the photo below?

TIP: You can heat emboss the 2nd layer as well and then go over the white background with a 3rd ink color! the heat embossing will resist both layers of ink. Use a dry cloth to gently wipe excess ink from over the embossed areas.

The last step was to add my sentiment and a butterfly that I had sitting around. I trimmed the card panel down to 5.25x4.0 and I placed it over a black A2 sized card base. I finished with pink sequins to add a touch of bling to that shiny background!

I am thrilled with how this turned out just from one stencil, and I plan to create a few more backgrounds using this stencil for my holiday cards! What a quick and easy way to make a background! Just pop a sentiment over it and you're finished!

To visit Varada's Instagram page, click here. To shop her store, click here. To shop for this stencil, click the link above for Maker Forte. For my Instagram page, click here. Thanks for hanging out with me today!

Thanks! ~Colleen


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