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Follow your heart – Canvas + paper art, diy with kids

Looks like my little princesses are also getting bitten by the design bug. They did most of the work in this canvas + paper artwork for their room. Even my 3 yr old helped and she was so proud of her achievement!


1. I mixed Acrylic colors red and white to make pink. 2. Diya and Akshu both painted the entire canvas with this color. Of course, we put old newspapers all over the room while they did that :) 3. While the paint was drying, l handed out old magazines and craft punches to both. Diya got a bigger heart punch, Akshu got the smaller one. Mommy cut out letters for “follow your heart” using her favorite tool -> Silhouette Portrait. 4. After each of us was done and the paint had dried, we assembled the piece. Just for fun, I attached 3 hearts back to back to back (vertically) to one another and added a bead to make it look like a pendant. Rest of the thick pink thread helped mark the heart pattern when we adhered more hearts to the canvas. 5. Ta da….! All done!! we admired our handiwork and insisted that Dad should praise it too! :)

You should definitely give it a try. You could make it more *sophisticated* by using stickers for letters and hearts. Or you could utilize some of your scraps of scrapbook papers + heart design + Silhouette Portrait / any other cutting tool and make the same design.

Two amazing little princesses + Saturday morning + art and craft supplies = Ultimate creative fun!!

Hope you had a fun weekend, too!

Stay blessed!

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