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Get Craftsy – awesome online learning tool for crafters

Today’s world is all about technology. Learning is going more and more digital and today I have something that is digital and craft-sy for you in this post.

But first, let’s take care of the “have-to”s. I have to tell you affiliate links have been used in this post, which means if you click on any of the links and make a purchase at Craftsy, I will get a small commission. However, all the opinions in this post are genuinely my own and I will never recommend anything I don’t believe in. I truly appreciate all your support!

Youtube is proving to be a go-to resource for crafters these days when we try to learn something new. But it does take a bit of guesswork to find what we are looking for. One needs to know the exact keywords which the person teaching might have used in their video titles and then again, they might not be covering some topic / technique as in-depth as you’d like them to. Also if you get stuck and have a question, it’s sometimes hard to catch hold of someone to answer your queries.

Meet Craftsy. One popular learning platform for crafters pursuing various types of crafts. It takes the guess work out of learning new crafts / techniques and provides incredible support to students.

When I used to make jewelry, I did take one course with them and again as I was going to introduce you guys to this platform, I took another paper crafting course. Thought I’d share with you why I loved learning from Craftsy (and why I think you would too) :


All you need is internet access + some browser to connect to it and you are good to go. You can use it on a computer, tablet or even iPhone / Android phones. For those of you who love their mobile devices more than a computer you can download the Craftsy app from Apple / Google app store and use it to take these classes. What’s more – with these apps you could download lessons and view them later when you are not connected to the internet. Check out more details here.

Lifetime access

Once you buy a class. It is yours. For forever. It is that simple.

Not just for paper crafters

Craftsy is about teaching crafts, not just paper crafts and you have several categories to choose from:

  1. Sewing / Quilting

  2. Cake and Cooking

  3. Yarn and Fiber arts like knitting

  4. Art and Photography

  5. Home & Garden decor

  6. Woodworking and so on. With over 900 classes, it will be hard to NOT find something for your liking!

Not just for classes

Surprised? Even I was! Yup, on Craftsy you can find not only classes, but craft kits, patterns and even craft supplies!

Paper Crafts Supplies

Craftsy class videos

Detailed instructions

Craftsy classes almost always have video instructions. Beautifully shot with close ups and clear view into what’s being done. The instructions are very detailed and full of tips and ideas to expand the techniques you learn.

30- second-repeat

Their video player for the app has a unique 30-second-repeat feature that let’s you re-watch any part with which you might need a little more help.

Notes / comments

Also along with the video player, you can take notes or post comments / questions. Your fellow students can see your comments and will often respond with helpful answers. In paid classes even your instructor will participate actively on these comments / questions. One more cool things about posting comments in the class is that it lets you add a photo – which means you can actually show what you have been doing and where you are stuck. Next best thing to having the instructors in person with you when you need them.

Supplies lists with each class

Each class takes the guess work out of finding the right supplies and often these supplies will be available for purchase at Craftsy itself. (Sometimes they do have some discounts on the supplies too.)

A large community of supportive crafters / learners

What’s fun in crafting without sharing your passion with other people? But this people-connection is often missed in online classes. Not with Craftsy though. When you are in a class, you will get to interact with other students, reply to their work and get praises for yours.

Craftsy also lets you post your finished projects to student gallery. Showcase your projects, grow your tribe. It’s all in there. And what’s not to like about that, right?

There you have it. All this goodness and with black Friday approaching very soon, now is the right time to get some of it for yourself.

  1. Click here to get early access to Black Friday online class deals

  2. And here to get those deals for supplies

Or you could even gift a class to a dear craft enthusiast. Sometimes they are hard to shop for, aren’t they? ;-)

What do you think? Have you tried any online classes for learning to craft? What has been your experience? Go ahead and share, I’d love to hear all about it.

xoxo, ~Varada

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