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Handmade Greeting Cards

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. I love these festive times. I wish we could have them all year long!

More than anything else, I love how this season gives me an excuse to make artsy-craftsy-gifts for people I cherish in my life. In the past I did some gifts like photo frame with messages or jewelry. In 2014, I made some greeting cards.


My little princesses got excited and they lent a hand too. Even my dear hubby pitched in. Together we made more than 35 cards this year.


We spent some nice Saturday afternoons having a quality family crafting time. I wish we could have them all year long!

I am a work-in-progress mom and I haven’t figured out all the parenting tips and tricks. (Is there even such a thing?) Working with my kids on craft projects always gives me an opportunity to connect with them.

I feel crafting teaches me about

1. working together as team – all the cards you see in second picture were made in a weekend. I am sure I could not have possible managed that by working alone.

2. having patience – when crafting, patience is a tool you cannot do without. Things will sometimes go wrong, as they are bound to. It is very important that you learn from mistakes and move on. It is all the more important that you extend the same privilege to everyone else around you.

3. feeling love and gratitude towards the people you are making something for – when you make something out of love, it shows. It becomes beautiful. When I craft, I feel a joy that can only come from making and giving.

4. new appreciation for my husband and little princesses – this one to me, is the most important of all. When my husband who loves outdoors, sacrifices his likes to stay back and spend time doing what I like, I can feel his love. When my little ones show how quickly they can build on my small ideas and turn them into something amazing, I’m so filled with pride. I truly understand how blessed I’m that Kanhaji gave me this family.

I know some of our handmade gifts may not be as sophisticated as store bought ones, but I feel so much more happier making and giving them. I hope it shows. I hope when anyone receives a gift from me, they can feel the joy I wished for them.

Have you ever felt this way too? What activity makes you feel this way? Is it reading to your kids at bedtime? Or is it cooking? I would love to hear. Please share.

Also, did you like the cards up there? Then you might want to stick around. You will soon be finding ways to easily and affordably make paper crafts yourselves. Won’t that be cool? Go ahead and subscribe, so you won’t miss the fun. I would love to have you join in.

Love, ~Varada

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