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Happy Kiss Day {and a printable gift tag}

Wish you all a very happy kiss day

Kiss = “Keep-It-Short-Sweety” Taking a cue from there, I’ll keep today’s post a quick one ;)

In case you still haven’t figured out how to make your Valentine happy, here are some last minute ideas. {I do hope you won’t HAVE to use them though :) …}

Breakfast in bed: Wake up earlier than your partner and cook a light breakfast. Tea or juice, bread toast with jam / butter or Maggie instance noodles if you are living in India would work.

Love coupons: Print valentine coupons like the ones below and use them:

ice cream date copy
Just like that copy

Treasure hunt: Get 4-5 cute little items like bracelets, key chains, pen etc and hide them in different places your Valentine is sure to frequent. In each place hide a gift and a clue to the next item.

Pamper his/her sweet tooth: If you are interested in cooking you can cook something sweet yourself. If not, order from a good place and indulge in the sweetness together.

Love notes: Hide small random loving messages for your valentine in places he/she will reach – in his/her shoes, purse, tiffin etc.

Seal your gifts with a kiss to make it personal.. :)

Here is a gift tag we put together for the kiss day.

sealed with a sweet kiss copy

Click here to download today’s printables.


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