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Happy Valentine’s Day {and a craft tutorial}

Wish you a very very happy Valentine’s Day 2012

Here we are with a cute and easy craft tutorial for you to create something handmade for your Valentine.

If you collect all the supplies, you can finish this craft in about 30 mins only! Ready?

You’ll need:


– Heart shaped craft punch (your key to finishing this project in under 30 mins!)

– Red, pink or similar colored papers

– White cardstock paper

– Red cardstock paper

– Scissors and paper shapers

– Glue

– A piece of thick thread (not shown)

– Few sketch pens / glitter pens of your choice (not shown)

Here’s how to create this gift:

– Punch several hearts using the heart shaped punch.

– On the wrong side of white card stock draw a fairly large heart. Mine covered an A-4 size paper. Cut it out. I used shapers here, so crafty edges can be seen on my white heart.


– Now fold your smaller hearts in half, and apply glue to the backside of fold.


– Stick this along the edges of white heart. One touching the edge of the other.


– Stop when you reach the last heart petal. We’ll stick this in the end.

– Complete the remaining portion of the white heart similarly but now the hearts will be moving in opposite direction.


– When you are done half way through, you’ll get an idea of the empty space in the middle of white heart. Write your message / decorate it as you like. I also added tiny place holders for the little embellishment flowers I wanted to put.

– Complete this edge.


– When you are done till the second last one, stop. Take a heart and add it to the tail end of white heart in such a way that it compliments both edges.

– On the wrong side of red card stock draw a larger heart which can cover the white heart completely. Cut it out. This time I used normal paper scissors.

– Apply glue on the red heart portion where you want to stick the white heart.


– Stick the piece of thread to this glue and then stick the white flower on top.


Vary the color and sizes of heart and you can create different patterns with this idea.

You can

– Create a wall hanging with just one heart like I did or

– Hang three hearts one below the other or

– Create this as a greeting card or

– Create this heart and stick it on the gift box

Possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Hope you had fun doing this craft with us. Do write back to say how you used this idea.

Once again, wish you and yours a happy Valentine’s Day!



p.s. Oh yes, here are your tags for the day… Enjoy!!

Valentine's day

Lots of love,


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