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Heartfelt Thanks to Each of You

Hi friends,

I know I have been away from my blog for quite a few days in a row now. Thanksgiving, 4 days holidays, and shopping frenzy – all are equal reasons for that. But, I am not going to make this post about excuses and “Sorry”.

Today’s magic word is going to be “Thanks”. Deep and heartfelt.

For each and every one of you. Personally.

Thanks 2012

This was the first thanksgiving for me and my family and we really loved it. And that is even without the shopping etc. We were able to spend some precious time with each other. And that was wonderful.

Today, when everyone is busy cribbing about everything – economy, politics, neighbors’ dog, in-laws, kids, I feel it is very very important to make sure at least a few days a year we speak of only thankfulness. That is why if there’s ever a vote for one festival the whole world should adopt from this country, I’ll vote for ThanksGiving.

And that is what we did this thanksgiving.

Specially me. In my mind I kept remembering each of you and wishing you well. I sent warmth and thanks your way because when our paths crossed, God meant them to. He wanted us to be blessed by each other’s company. Learn from one another. Love and care for one another. I totally believe that.

q I feel blessed to have known you. r


When we had just come to this place in August, me and Chiran were a little lost. New place, not knowing much about anything or anyone. Although I had been here before several times, this was the first time we were setting up a house. Making a home for our little princesses. Away from our family members who always guided us. All by ourselves. We were, naturally, a little overwhelmed.

On one such evening, we were wondering around Target, looking for a place to buy mattresses from. That is where we met a kind family, who offered to give us a ride back home. In that one instant they not only opened the doors to their car, but also welcomed us in their hearts. They helped (read pampered) us in a lot of different ways – right from helping us get a great deal on mattresses to taking me to the local crafts class at Michael’s. Now they’ve become “our local guardians”, as we fondly like to call them.

We wanted to make this Thanksgiving a little special for them. As a small token of our friendship we brought a photo frame and a box of sweets as gifts for them. I then personalized the photo frame with message cards that I created on my computer, printed (on my new printer :D) on cardstock and inserted in place of photos.


Here are the images for these message cards. Each is a 4” X 6”.

1-Thankful copy

2-Peace copy

3-Hope copy

4-Stay Blessed copy

As always, it is okay to use them for non-commercial purposes as long as you link back to me and give proper credit.

Enjoy and stay blessed!

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