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Last post July 14, 2014

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Oh how I’ve missed being here.

Life just got very very busy. Work, the Certificate course I’ve started with University of Washington, parents visiting from India and general home stuff took up all the hours in my day. At least all the “blogging” hours.

I did get into a lot of cooking (Thank you, Harvinder, Aai and Mumma), some creating and some spending-time-with-family. But just didn’t get around to sharing things here. I hope to catch up in the coming days. Wish me luck :-)

Cooking - besan ke laddu

Cooking – besan ke laddu

Creating - Handmade Thanksgiving greeting card

Creating – Handmade Thanksgiving greeting card

Spending time with family - Ride the ducks, Seattle, WA

Spending time with family – Ride the ducks, Seattle, WA

And then I realized, this is life. Life will happen. It must go on. If I want to blog, I should make time for it, no matter what. Sorry for sounding as if this is new-found-wisdom, but seriously, once this revelation came and my brain accepted it, I got filled with energy again. What seemed like daunting tasks just a couple days ago – pick up your laptop, collect images, fine-tune images, write a post, edit the post, and publish the post – seem like an adventure now :-)

So, here I am making good use of this energy at least while it lasts. About the while it lasts part – well, I have been doing some thinking for the last few days. In the past my blogging has been going up during first half of the year (you know, new year, new beginnings, new solutions and what not) and then going south in the second half of the year.

I really, truly want to make 2015 different. I am researching ways to keep me going when I absolutely feel like stopping. Have you run into something yourself? It may not be blogging for you, it may be something else – healthy eating, exercise, anything. How have you successfully overcome the block? Or what tactics have you tried and given up? Any recommendations? I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks in anticipation for your advice,



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