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How are y’all?

Hey there, friends :) How are you guys? I hope you are doing well and life is treating you with kindness and love.

A lot has been happening at my end and I just can’t wait to tell you…

Me and my family are back in Nashville. We reached on the 1st of August. After the first four days in Holiday Inn Express downtown, we moved into our own little apartment at Viera Cool Springs, Franklin. {and the adventure began!}

One of the first things my older princess did was to put her Tinker Bell stickers on their closet doors:



My family fell in love with this little apartment instantly. Me and MrC were hoping to go back to the hotel to sleep at night (no mattresses!) but the kids would not hear of it. So we did stay the weekend. We only went back on Sunday evening, so I could attend office on Monday and then return with our stuff in the evening. That worked out well.

On third night of our stay our apartment flooded when a pipe burst in one of the bathrooms. {and the adventure began!} People at the apartments helped a lot, even made us comfortable in another unit when it was just not possible to sleep in our own with all the blowers drying our carpets and the carpets attempting to fly as they dried out.





This is how we camped at night for the next few days in the other apartment.


My older one started school and is liking it. She has already made several good friends and is the pet of her teachers. She has also started speaking in English and lost her hesitation to speaking with others.

While all that was taking its time clearing out, we had Kanhaji’s birthday on August 10. We decorated a little corner in our living room and made my dearest Kanhaji make his throne there.


I know he’ll take care of the rest for me. Just like he always does :)

We have been car and furniture hunting lately and trying to get settled in this new country. SSN, Driver’s license, and many little things like that are making me feel I am managing multiple projects at the same time!

So far the experience has been good. I am sure your prayers for me are working their magic.

Hope all is well at your end too.

Miss me? Please do! I’ll drop by every now and then to give you an update on my side of the world. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.


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