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I need you

I wish I could fly, right now at this instant and visit you

You’ll be surprised, puzzled, worried even, to see me come… unexpectedly!

First I’ll assure you that all is well. Life is okay.

It’s just that I missed you so much I had to see you…

You’ll give me one of your looks. Questioning, searching and then, understanding…

There’s something wrong but not something so great that it can’t be solved.

I am strong enough. To fight my own battles. To fall, get up and go…

With new strength, new dreams, new hopes…

But I need you to confirm my belief, my self trust, my faith

I need you. Just to be…. You!

Hey friends, hope you like my poem. I’m also trying one new experiment. Presenting:Â “I need you” – composed and read out loud by Varada Sharma. Do listen one time and let me know what you think of my attempt ;)

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