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Ideas to reduce waste

Hi guys, something not strictly crafty today, but I did share these tips of reducing waste as part of #marchmeetthemaker prompt yesterday on Instagram and promised I’d elaborate on them today. So here I am:

  1. I recently added Ikea pegboard storage to my craft area (yes, that post is overdue. I am sorry, please forgive me?). On these pegboards, I also added a couple baskets – simple, small pantry baskets from Walmart. They aren’t hanging on the hooks exactly how I’d like them, but I don’t mind, because while crafting I do pull them down anyways. But using these as holders for my scraps is helping me reduce so much waste. I am sure a box from one of the deliveries would work too. If you want to make it a pretty, you can do something like this (details here or here):

DIY Planter using recycled containers
  1. I also reuse the transparent pieces of packaging material for creating shaker cards. Thanks to Vicky Papaioannou for this idea. You can see the cards I made using this trick below. They don’t look any different from the ones I made using transparent acetate sheets.

  1. How often do you start stamping on a good paper and end up not liking what you make? To avoid wasting my good papers and cardstock, I like to first create my pattern – stamped or sometimes even, die cut – using printer paper. You can check out my video below which shows how this works. Thank you, Yana Smakula for this idea!

Almost one layer card- 1
  1. Another area where we crafters can save or reduce waste is storage. I love to use old pill bottles or gum bottles (that one of friends is kind enough to give me), for storing sequins, gems or even ribbons.

  1. Finally a tip that I am curious to try myself – using a self healing mat for die cutting. Yes, we will need to use a shim, but I think that will work great. I found it in this YouTube video from Stamp with Joy.

There you have it. My list of idea for reducing waste. Hope you enjoyed these tip!



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