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Just for today {art work}

Warning: This post is a Varada-rambling-randomly one. So if you would rather do something better, please carry on… {May be a healthy dose of Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist will help you understand some of my sentiments here…}

Lately I’ve been talking {read questioning, requesting, and you know, generally pestering..} a lot to my Kanhaji. As always he has been surprising me with this responses and also with the sources of his responses.

Okay, so I think I am growing up to be a professional worrier (if there’s even such a thing). I worry about a lot of stuff – my work and my client’s reaction to it, my kids and their upbringing, my parents and their health, the book that I want to write, the creative works business which I want to set up and so on and on and on and on…. Then one fine day in an abandoned cubicle besides mine at office, I see a message which hits home. {More on this below}

Also, Rashmi (who normally does not send me SMSs) sends me a message saying, “Don’t think too much. It is okay not to know some answers… “

Call me a freak or a superstitious fool, but I KNOW my Kanha loves me as much as I love him. It is just like your relationship with your best friend – even when you quarrel sometimes or irritate each other, you still can’t live without each other. You might be miles apart physically but he/she is always close in your heart.

So, when I saw the message that my Kanhaji wants me absorb into my system, I decided to go to work on it. What better than to combine it with my new-found-love for Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop? So, here it is.. Tan ta dan….


and another version where I learnt to add a patterned border to an image…


Please let me know your expert comments. :-) Jassi, I know it isn’t all that professional yet, but I am still learning…  This simple message can give pleasure, peace and motivation to whoever reads it. Don’t you think so?

Peyali, if the original message was created and pasted on that cubicle wall by you, I sincerely want to thank you. It has been a source of inspiration for me.

Please feel free to print or use this message the way you like – for a framed art piece, for your cubicle, as a just-like-that note to your friend… Whatever. Your wish.

I’ll appreciate comments and backlinks, but .. Whatever. Your wish.


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