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Kadhi – Pakora {recipe}

In spite of being in love with this recipe for ever, until now I have not posted it on my blog. I am not proud of that. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, here it is now – the awesomeness called “kadhi-pakora”! Drum-roll…. !!!

Just kidding ;)

Anyways, here’s the story behind this one. On 31st December 2013 we invited Shruti, Asheesh, their little daughters Janvi & Jeeya and Asheesh’s parents over to our place for a late tea. We ate snacks & samosas and had tea and spent time just chatting over this and that. New year’s eve with friends. It was so good.

During the course of gup-shup (chitchatting), they invited us to come over and have lunch with them the next day. Aunty-ji was also kind enough to ask us what we want to eat and then next day she and Shruti served us all those dishes we asked for.

Ghar ka khana - homemade Indian lunch

New year 2014 celebration lunch @ Shruti and Asheesh’s place.

Thank you, Asheesh-Shruti, Uncle-Aunty, Janvi & the oh-so-cuddly little Jeeya. We appreciate you!!!

And yes, this is just one of the recipes from the royal spread above. Check back for more :)

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