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Life is taking me places

Life has been so busy lately. But I am happy about where it is taking me. :-)

Recently I went to Boston, MA for a week for Product Management training and certification. Here are some pictures I took while I was there.I stayed at Hotel Regency, Boston. The room etc was good, the only thing that I missed was having a microwave in my room. I like the convenience of microwave which allows me to bring packed dinner at 6.30pm but reheat and eat it at 8.30 pm in the evening. Other than that, I had no complaints from my stay. :)

This is how the town looked from 16th floor of my hotel:-

Public Garden



Nukkad pe fal-bechne wala :)

fal bechne wala

It’s a beautiful city with an old-English-town feel to it. One can totally imagine handsome soldiers riding tall majestic horses on these streets. There was a lot of hustle-bustle on the streets because of the upcoming marathon. Even in the public garden, there were people painting banners etc.

And yes, amidst all that, I did clear three certifications for product management. :)

It was a good trip.

Hope things are going great at your end too. I have lot of posts that are swimming in my head, and I have even started dreaming about them (weird me!), but today I just wanted to take things easy and share some pictures with you.



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