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Varada Sharma

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Magical Thanksgiving Week

Last few months have been crazy. Really. Work kept me and my project team in office for long hours. Tremendous pressure, discussions, meetings, development, testing and everything in between + beyond.

However in the end we did launch our project on the planned date. Yes, we were very encouraged by the response we got from users. So the outcome is very good. :)

Anyways, during all this time I felt like I was hardly seeing my little princesses and Mr C. I was working at my laptop when everyone woke up and more often than not I was either in office when they went to bed or I was working on my laptop at home. Not good-mommy days at all.

So when the project launched and I got breathing time I decided to take a todo-less vacation. No plans, no lists, nothing. Just pure family time.

Here’s what we did: