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My workspace

Hi people, I hope you missed me. I have been so busy with so many things and yes, something exciting is coming in this space. I am still working on some finer details but soon, very soon…

Okay, so today we are going to take a look at my workspace for a little bit and see what it looks like.

My craft space is right now in our guest bedroom. Yes, I do have a bed in there and yes, I do perch up there from time to time with my laptop to write blogposts like this one :-)

Left most part of my room (before the bed starts) is kinda my storage space. My stamp, dies, cardstock, patterned papers etc live in baskets kept in a 3×3 cubby. I think the cube storage (cubby) is from Walmart and the baskets are from Amazon. I also have a old shoe rack that I have cleaned up and now use it for all my etc’.

Next to the bed and chair are my tables / my work surfaces. I have two of these.

  1. One that was a hand-me-down from my old company where I work. It’s spacious and functional. Love it.

  2. I also wanted to extend my work surface a little more, so I bought another slightly smaller one from Ikea with a Linnmon table top that I got for 8.99 $ when it was on sale and 4 Adils table legs for a $4 each.

On my beige table I do mostly stamping (I use the black self-healing crafting mat), a little bit of filming (with the Arkon phone stand and my iPhone) and a lot of planning. I also have two open baskets there – one with some scraps of papers etc and another that holds my Spectrum Noir markers. I do need a better marker solution, but for now the basket kinda works.

On the white table, I have my Platinum 6 die cutting machine and Glimmer hot foil machine. This is where I usually do die cutting, hot foiling and sometimes even hot glueing, as I have a power outlet nearby.

For all my inks, watercolors etc, I do have two 5 Drawer Letterpress Cube By Ashland®. The one next to the window has two closed bins – one for in-progress projects that I might need to put away for some time and another for the stamps, dies etc which I have to use in upcoming projects. Once I have played to my heart’s content with these supplies, they will join their buddies in the cubby baskets.

On the other storage Cube, sits the Ashland® Storage Desktop Carousel. This thing holds so much stuff, you have to see it to believe it. I have even some of my frequently used die sets which I cannot hang, sit in those compartments.  When Michaels had their storage sale event, I got all three (two cube storages and the carousel) with free store pickup for about $100. It was a steal, really considering that just one out of the two 5 Drawer Letterpress Cubes is around $110 at regular price!

I also have two pink storage drawers that one of my friends had given me couple years ago. Thanks, Donna!! :-) These hold my adhesives, sequins, pens for highlighting, extra ephemera pieces etc.

Okay, now to the fun part. Inspired by Yana Smakula, I did get myself 4 of the SKÅDIS pegboards from Ikea. Here are all the details of how I have them arranged right now. My husband helped me mount them and then I played with the configuration of everything that hangs on top.

First pegboard, closest to window:

This one has two letter holders which hold my Fiskars guillotine trimmer and my MISTI + foam tape. It also has a couple smaller smaller hooks holding a smaller planter / candle holder and a couple pretty things I need to remember to use.

Right next to it is this one here:

This one has three shelves for ribbon (in gum bottles), jewels (in pill bottles) and Nuvo drops + glue bottles. It also has one more letter holder for the score board.

Third pegboard:

This one has three cups with pencils of various kinds and several hooks with washi tape + some frequently used items + items that can easily be hanged.

Fourth pegboard:

This last pegboard has

  1. a clip for hanging some art and reminders etc.

  2. a cup with glimmer foil rolls

  3. 3 more shelves with buttons, several texture pastes etc and some more gum bottles with some shaped confetti, tiny clothespins etc. These also hold a couple candle holders (white, black) where I plan to put little succulents or something and a box with my finished cards.

That’s all there is. Let me know if you have questions about any of these. Wherever available, I have used affiliate links, which means when you make a purchase, I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) which I use to run this blog. I truly appreciate your support!



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