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Opening my store

Hi everyone, so I am nervous and excited, I am opening my own store – selling cards. I know, this is a huge step and I so want it to work well for all of my customers and also for a mission I am giving myself. Read on to find out more…

Well, here’s how it all began. In December, when princess Diya had her birthday, she did not want a party. She wanted to donate to any organization that helps education in India. That’s when we found out about We learnt that they can run a school for 30 kids for the whole year with $365 – as in $1 a day!

Somewhere that stayed in my heart and I wanted to find a way to allow them to do it and I wanted to allow them to do it with my crafting money. I have had my friends tell me quite often that I should sell my cards. Everything seemed to come together with that and here I am – opening my own store.

I am nervous and I haven’t figured everything out. But I intend to make shopping with me, a great experience for all my customers.

So please look around, see if you like something. Stay for a while, let me know what you think – what you love, what can be improved. Let’s hang out for a bit, shall we?

Thanks for all your support! ~Varada

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