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Pocket books / mini books with index cards and washi tape

Each year at her school, my older one participates in a market place. It’s day that students get to be pretend-merchants. They get to make some small items, set up a small store at their school and sell what they made.

Last year, when we still lived in TN and princess D went to Moore Elementary school, she had one market place day. Our dear friends Lisa and her lovely daughter Abby helped us make pretty little hair accessories and we also made a tutorial (here).

This year princess D goes to Ben Rush elementary at Redmond, WA. She just had market place day this week. We made tiny little mini pocket books – princess D’s idea.

Mini pocket books

Here’s what we used:

These 3×5 index cards from Target

Index cards

and this washi tape (also from Target)

Washi tape from Scotch

Needle, thread and scissors. We also used a scoring tool, but it’s completely optional.

As for the process, it was really very simple. We scored the index cards at half width (2.5 inches in our case). But even if you want to skip this step and simply fold them into half that’s okay too.

We put 5 of these cards together, aligned the edges and hand stitched them in the center. On the outside cover, where the stitches were visible, we simply covered it up with a washi tape.

Here’s a quick video of this really quick process.

These can be given as small gifts with some personal message written or blank, you can do the exact same process with larger paper, use more papers per book, add more washi tape or add other embellishments. The possibilities are endless.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make some of your own. Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

xoxo, ~Varada

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