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Recycled fashion magazine roses

rec mag roses


1. Fashion magazine with glossy colorful papers

2. Mod podge

3. Glue gun and sticks

4. Scissors


1. Cut strips of paper about 1 inch wide across the length of the page

2. Fold each strip into half lengthwise

3. Make a tiny fold for the center of the rose and roll the strip one time

4. Fold the strip at an angle

5. Keep folding and rolling. (Kinda like you’d do for quilling a rose). When you reach the end of one strip, adhere the next one to it using modpodge.

6. When the rose is as big as you want, adhere a paper circle to the back side of it using hot glue.(*) If you feel some of your layers drifting apart slowly, you’d want to hot glue those also.

(*) At this point I prefer hot glue instead of mod podge because all the folding and rolling makes this flower stiff. Hot glue works better with the stiffness of paper rather than mod podge (thinks, your truly).

There you go. You can do many different things with these inexpensive (almost free!) flowers:

– Use it to adorn a lampshade (like I did) or photo frame (how fun!)

РUse it as embellishments on your other craft projects like wall d̩cor or gift bags or greeting cards

– At step 4 above, insert a flower wire to make a flower for the vase.

– Or complete the flower fully and use needle-thread to make a garland

The possibilities are so many.

So, what are you waiting for? Try your hand at it and don’t forget to let me know how you did it!


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