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This Diwali, getting closer to my dreams

Hi guys,

Hope you all had a magnificent Diwali.

As you all must have guessed, I am bursting to tell you all something very exciting.

Remember in this post I told you all that I have opened a shop on etsy? Well, I am about to make my first 100$ from selling earrings etc. And I’ve already started sponsoring a little girl’s education in India. :D

ProjectMala ( is an NGO that helps people mainly from Uttar Pradesh, India and aims to eradicate the use of child labour on the carpet weaving looms and enable working children to regain their lost childhood. Somewhere in a place called Guria, there’s a little girl who is intelligent and deserves to study. I am so happy and humbled that Kanhaji has chosen me to make a difference in this little girl’s life. The feeling is truly indescribable.

My dreams. Coming true.

On this Diwali, I am wishing the same for you. Your most cherished dreams. Coming true.


Stay blessed,


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