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Toys R Fun – Scrapbook page

Another page from Princess Diaries.  I did not follow any layout as such in this page. Just a simple pink background with two photographs of my lovely daughters – each with her favourite toy – and lots of stickers all around.


I did try framing the pictures. It was tricky because I had to do it with a pair of scissors. {Have forgotten my trusted old paper cutter back at home. }

Diya {red dress} always loved the camera. And the camera always loved her. That picture was taken before she could sit by herself. We balanced her with the support of those two big pillows and her equally big soft toy. Because of his messy hair, we used to call him “Harry Potter” {Hairy Potter?}. At that time he was almost as tall as Diya. She loved to snuggle with him.

Akshu {pale green dress} used to be suspicious of the camera earlier. Now she is okay. When she can keep still enough for the camera to do its job, she gives great shots. :D This Pooh bear was so huge as compared to little Akshu, she used to sleep on him. But she is not someone who will treat her toys with kindness. She will try to pull his ears, poke fingers in his eyes. Glad these things are only toys.

Super fun !

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