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Two Salads

If you ask me my favorite American food, my instantaneous answer will be the Salad ! I love the pure textures and flavours of greens, carrots, peas, broccoli, peppers – anything vegetarian. The only thing I don’t like in my salad is that cheese. I feel out here in the US no matter what you order at a restaurant, it’ll have cheese in it. Burger, pizza, pasta – you name it you get it. *With cheese* I am not so much of a cheese-fan myself. It isn’t that I don’t like it at all. It’s just that I like it to not-cloud the other flavors in my food. So when I make salads I usually avoid the cheese or add just a very very little of it.

Here are a couple of my experiments with Salad.

IMG841 (3)

Chopped greens, coleslaw, grated carrot, cheery tomatoes, olives, baby corn and peppers. Tossed in Italian dressing and some chilly tomato sauce. Had it for dinner with pita bread.

Next time I made similar combo as just a salad (Jambalaya rice was the main course this evening). I also put in some tortilla chips and nuts for added cruch:


Mixed it with ranch dressing


Mouth watering, don’t you think? Swati and Bhuvnesh both liked it a lot. {Or at least they said they did! ;)}

What’s your favorite salad recipe? Tip? Do you experiment with food and flavors all the time? Or are you someone who is very cautious of what to eat…? Just curious… :)


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