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Unboxing Altenew Stampwheel and playing with my new stamp sets

Hi friends, I got me a new Altnew Stampwheel! Yes!! When I visited India, I left my trusted and loved MISTI to my adorable niece, so I was in the market for a stamp positioning tool. This time instead of going for MISTI again, I decided to try something different and got myself a Stampwheel. I won't lie, I was a little bit nervous about this purchase because I have come to learn and love the quirks of MISTI, which is a stamp positioner that uses the hinge method for stamping. With the Stampwheel needing to completely disconnect the plate off after picking up the stamp and then repositioning it made me skeptical about the efficacy & efficiency of this tool. I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the results :-)

I got my tool from Spellbinders. Yes, they do sell Altenew Stampwheel and also BetterPress plates, so do check them out. I watched a whole bunch of videos about this tool and learned many things. Yes, I will be sharing several of those techniques and also my special twist on them in the coming days. Do stay in touch here and on YouTube.

Today I did only unboxing, setting up, and one quick card with this. Check out my video below to see my experience. I used one of the tricks shared by Charlene from "Dream Craft Create" on using the grid under the sticky mat. Yes, I didn't pay attention properly and messed it up a bit, but I did make it work after all. :-)

I also took this opportunity to play with my new stamps. You guys must have seen them on Instagram when I was in India and my daughter showed them to me on a video call. Even after I came back I didn't get a chance to play with them much with Covid first and then other things. I think I was also dragging my feet a bit because of no MISTI, and I have been spoiled for a stamp positioner. So last night I did take a few minutes to play. I have so many ideas for these stamp sets with and without Stampwheel, so stay tuned.

Okay so now without any further delay, here's the video:

Let me know if there are any ideas or techniques you would like to see me try. And I do hope you give a try to my stamp sets. I have loved drawing them for you. I love creating with them and these are great quality clear stamps. I will be linking them down here so you can check them out.


For your convenience, I am sharing links to the supplies I’ve used or the ones you can use for making similar cards – click on the picture or link to go directly to the product. Wherever available, I have used affiliate links, which means when you make a purchase, I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) which I use to run this blog. I truly appreciate your support!

Big hugs!



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