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Valentines – Spring Wreath

I guess I am a little late in posting this. But oh well, better late than never, right?


I put together this wreath so quickly (about 30mins or so) that I didn’t take step by step pictures. I am so sorry about it :( I will try to explain it in as best as I can.

-:Here’s what you need:-

A wire frame wreath form that looks something like this:

wreath form

A burlap ribbon from hobby lobby when they were on sale. Kinda like these:

burlap ribbon cropped

And another wide chevron ribbon from Walmart when it was on sale for Valentines. I tried to look for it online today, but did not find it at Walmart. Here’s what I found that looks just like the one I used, but this one is from Hobby Lobby.

red chevron ribbon

I also had a few fern leaves in my stash, jingle bells and pine cones which I used for my fall door decor:


Other little embellishments I used were the X and O stickers (again on sale for V-day), glittered gold and silver papers, yarn and two craft punches – heart shaped and scalloped circle shaped.

You can surely substitute any or all of these for something that you prefer.

And of course no wreath craft can be complete without a trusted adhesive, right? In this case, I used my trusted little hot glue gun.

-Prepare the embellishments-

Punch shapes for heart and circles, arrange them on the yarn. Sandwich yarn between the glitter paper + plain paper shapes and hot glue them together to create the bunting. Make sure you leave enough yarn on either side to adhere behind the wreath.

Use the red chevron ribbon to make the red and white medallions. To start, make accordion folds on the ribbon, each fold about 1/4 of an inch. Once you have about 10-12 folds, cut the ribbon from its spool. You should have a strip of folded ribbon with width about 1/4 of an inch, and length = width of the ribbon. Now staple right in the middle of the folded ribbon. Spread out the *wings* of the stapled ribbon when you do 1 will touch 1 and 2 will come close to 2 in the picture below. Same way on the other side. No need to staple.

Accordion medallion

Adhere one small scalloped circle (punched from a plain white paper) in the center. To finish the medallion, adhere a letter sticker for X on top of the scalloped circle.

Make similar medallion with the letter O in its center.

-:Assemble the wreath:-

Wrap the burlap ribbon all around the wreath form and secure with a dash of hot glue.

Wrap bunting on top if it and secure with hot glue.

Use another piece of same yarn to criss-cross around rest of the wreath.

Adhere X and O medallions.

Take the pine cone-jingle bells danglers and secure with hot glue.

Hot glue a couple fern leaves to finish with a dash of green.

Use a piece of yarn to hang the wreath to the door knocker, finish with a bow.

Enjoy the compliments!

Here’s to season full of crafting-creating-decorating.

xo, ~Varada

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