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You changed my life

You came – 7 years ago, on a cold wintry night in Goa, a beautiful tiny state on the west coast of India.

You saw – opened your tiny eyes just a little bit and let out a wail.

You conquered – my heart. Totally and irrevocably.

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Diya, my dear little princess, you changed my whole life.

From being a self centered, independent woman to a loving, caring, doting mother.

mommy and diya

You filled my heart with joy on that first day when I saw you, my own little piece of heaven.

You fill my heart with joy today and every day, my own little piece of heaven.

diya many moods 1

With you in my arms – I was not afraid anymore. Of not having known love completely.

With you in my arms – I was terrified. Of letting even a tiniest thing hurt you.

diya many moods 2

When you came into my life, all my heart’s desires were fulfilled. I had you.

When you came into my life, my heart’s desires knew no bounds. I wanted every good thing in the world for my little princess.

double side step tutorial

You amazed me. With your tiny little fingers and toes, your bald head, your toothless grin. You were perfect.

You still amaze me. How quickly you learn new things. How you are so filled with energy. And kindness. And enthusiasm for life. You are perfect.


I hope when you grow up, you do find this note someday. And think of these times we spend together.

Moments we took and made into memories. To cherish and to treasure. Forever.


Love you, princess Diya.

Always have. Always will.

Diya 7th Bday

Happy 7th Birthday, Sweetheart!

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