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Varada Sharma

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30 Day Coloring Challenge is back!

Hi crafty friends, a lot of things are going on in my world, and although me & my little princesses have created several new cards these days, I haven’t had time to put together blog posts for all of them. They will come soon, I promise! :-)

But for now, I just wanted to let you all know that Kathy from the daily marker has a new 30 day coloring challenge. This will run from Feb 1 to Mar 1.

coloring challenge

I did try to keep up with it last time but did not complete. This time I’m hoping to do a better job. To read all the details about how to participate, different giveaways and prizes, do visit Kathy’s space @

I do hope you participate as much as you can and have fun coloring!

xoxo, ~Varada

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