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Akshara’s baby picture on a scrapbook page

I still remember how tiny little Akshu was when she was born. Her skin was so very soft that you would not even feel it if you touched softly. Tiny toes, pink cheeks, a sweet little pink mouth and curious bold eyes. That’s my girl !

While putting together this page, I was almost transferred to those times, when I first held her in my arms. This picture was taken just a couple days after she was born. But this is the earliest picture I have of her, so I just used the same for her birthday page.


Akshu was very very pink when she was born. After Diya visited her in hospital for the first time, Diya went back and told everyone in my neighbourhood that her little sister had come and she was as pink as a tomato ! Kids !!

Look at that tiny little fingers, chubby nose. Oh, how I miss my little baby… {At this very minute I am thinking it is not such a good idea to create a scrapbook from old photographs when you are far away from people you love…}

Love you, my little princess!

May Kanhaji Bless You!!

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