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Are you ready to party? {and printable gift tags}

So, it’s just 8 days to the V-day. We are starting our PARTY tomorrow and YOU ARE INVITED!! We’d love you to drop by our place and say hello :)

We are planning a host of activities including fun date ideas, ways to propose, DIY gifts, recipes and so much more.

Here’s a glimpse into what’s coming up

  1. Say it with a rose on 7 Feb: Rose Day

  2. Propose your love on 8 Feb: Propose Day

  3. Love by chocolate on 9 Feb: Chocolate Day

  4. Let a teddy do the talking for you on 10 Feb: Teddy Day

  5. Promise you’ll be there.. Forever .. on 11 Feb: Promise Day

  6. Seal it with a kiss on 12 Feb: Kiss Day

  7. Cuddle up on 13 Feb: Hug Day

  8. Shower all your love on 14 Feb: Valentine’s Day

Oh I can’t wait to tell you how excited we all are… !

Also, we’ve put together some gift tags which you can use *FREE*ly on the gifts that you are planning to give to your Valentine. Here you go: 



Click here to download a printable copy for yourself. Hope you have a week-full of celebrations…


(Non-commercial use only. Please do check with us one time if you are in doubt.)

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