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DIY basket using recycled box, duck tape and 10 mins

Three interesting facts about me :)

1. I love flowers, but I don’t like to pluck them or take them away from the plants. I know, it’s very strange, but it breaks my heart to take a flower away from its plant (which I believe is its home). So to satisfy my love for flowers, I plant them in my Chai-room or I make flowers from paper, fabric etc. :)

2. When it comes to decorating, I like to have form with function. For example, I like to have pretty baskets to store the little bitty stuff around.

3. I hate to throw away boxes and containers. I feel my reusing stuff will at least save this earth from the bad impacts of excessive material use. After all, earth is my favorite planet in the solar system. It’s the least I can do to keep her green. :)

So when I was on an organizing spree few weeks ago, I wanted to have a some small thingie to store the hand towels and stuff. Just a few basic things I had on hand + 10 mins was all it took to make this beautiful basket and embellish it with a pretty little flower.

{I’ve misplaced the pictures I took while I was doing this. But I am sure you won’t miss the pictures because the instructions are, oh so simple.}

empty basket

I took an empty box that came from something we’d ordered on Amazon / Groupon and cut off the top flaps. You could also fold those inside and adhere them to the sides of the box. But since I knew this baby will not need to hold a lot of weight etc, I wasn’t too worried about sturdiness.

Next I adhered two duck tapes – grey and yellow across all sides of this box. I did one round of grey at the bottom, yellow in the middle and grey at the top. Just a simple pattern. I also taped a little on the inside of the box where my box was a little torn. I did not worry too much about the insides looking great for this one because I knew the inside of this box would not be visible. If you wish you can simply paint / spray-paint it.


To finish, I made one bow from some ribbon scrap I had on hand, rolled some fabric scrap into one rosette and adhered the two to the box using hot glue.

diy basket

Now this sits pretty holding my stack of hand towels and handkerchiefs.

Simple, right? Do try ….

Xoxo, ~Varada

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