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DIY Hair Accessories Tutorial

Princess D is learning economics in her IIIrd grade class and they had a market day at school to understand the dynamics of demand and supply. She had to make 25 items of some type and sell it in their shop. This was around the same time when Mr C was in India. So it was up to me and my little princess to put something together.

And then one day I got talking to my dear friend Lisa and we decided to have a craft night at our place while the others were out. What fun! Lisa came over and so did her daughter Abby. Together we worked on making these hair accessories, which are cute to wear and were fun to make. It sure is so nice to have friends like Lisa and Abby. Thanks a lot, both of you :)

Do you want to try this diy? Read on….

You’ll need:


1. Fabric of your choice 2. Hot glue gun (and sticks) 3. Sharpie (optional) 4. Plain hair clips (and / or elastic bands not shown) 5. Embellishments like buttons or flat backed gems 6. A pair of scissors

-: Step 1 – Make petals :-

(The clouds method, as Abby called it) Use a sharpie to mark random clouds on the reverse side of fabric. Cut on the lines using scissors. Fold horizontally and then fold vertically to make petals.

Hair accessories petals1

(Alternatively, make petals using fold-first method) Cut a small square piece of fabric and fold a small corner of your fabric horizontally. Fold it over again vertically and cut a rounded arc.

Hair accessories2 - petals 2

-: Step 2 – Prepare the base :-

Wrap a portion of the clip with some fabric or felt. Use hot glue to affix it. Like so –

base 1

-: Step 3 – Assemble :-

Adhere four petals to each other using hot glue.


Adhere a button or gem at the center of the petals and adhere petals to the base using hot glue.



If you are using an elastic band as the base, take a tiny piece of fabric and cover the joint so it looks neat :)


Have fun mixing fabrics, colorful elastic bands and embellishments.


We mostly added the center piece and the base elastic in a contrasting color. For a couple of these we played with layering some small and large petals. We also made an interesting clip by adding a lace flower in the center along with a red flat back gem.

Hair accessories

I feel these techniques can also be used with felt. Or may be, we could use layers of tulle and silk petals for a more elegant look. What do you think?

Here are all the 27 pieces we sent to princess D’s shop.


And here’s the pretty little banner princess D put together for her shop

14 - 1

Of course princess D enjoyed all the fun at market place. Before the end of the day, all her pieces had sold out!

So much fun!!

And that is how you can make some fun and cute diy hair accessories – clips and elastic hair ties. I am sure we could use the same techniques for embellishing hair bands too.

So, next time you are planning a girls’ night, do take those fabric scrapes out of your stash, and play. And don’t forget to post here about what you create!

Stay creative!

Warm hugs,


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