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DIY Planters 1 – Glass Planters using Dollar Tree supplies

Hello friends, ever since we moved into our own house, I have been putting indoor plants and succulents in all our rooms. I have also been making my own planters :-)

Glass Planter using Dollar Tree supplies

These I made from Dollar Tree glass candleholders! I got three of the tall ones and one pack of the little ones – there are two in a pack for $1!

To stagger their heights, I adhered a small one upside-down to one of the tall ones using E3600 glue. For another one, I used one of the older candleholders I had in my stash and adhered that one same way. Before adhering I removed the leftover candle from that one by simply placing it in hot water for a couple mins to melt the wax on the sides. The last one I left as is.

Originally, I made these to work as part of my centerpiece at one of our office parties. I had planned to put flameless candles in each of these, but for that one, I ended up not doing the candles after all.

So now, I repurposed these glass vases and turned them into planters!

Glass Planter using Dollar Tree supplies

For the tallest one, I added moss and a fake basil plant.

For the second and their tallest ones, I simply added some moss, an air plant and a sparkly rock. The air plant came from Lowe’s. The sparkly rock is something my girls bought from the zoo and we broke it to reveal the sparkly insides.

Easy peasy!

Supplies List

For your convenience, I am sharing links to the supplies I’ve used for these DIYs – click on the picture or link to go directly to the product. Wherever available, I have used affiliate links, which means when you make a purchase, I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) which I use to run this blog. I truly appreciate your support!

Big Hugs! ~Varada

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