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Easy Mini Accordion Style Photo Book {Tutorial}

Birthday time again. This time it was Jassi’s birthday on 15th Oct. Check out what he was up to on that day here:!/media/set/?set=a.10150504261514012.463613.746874011&type=1

So, you must’ve guessed by now that Jassi is a photographer and a very good one, I must add.

So what could I make that would be a fitting gift for a person playing with lights and camera?

A mini photo book for his miniature photo collection which otherwise lies about on his desk like this


I also made a bookmark for him with a Budweiser beer bottle on one side and other side saying, “Books are better than… Beer!” (something I’m having a hard time convincing him…)

Here’s a preview of the final product:

from android


Here’s what you’ll need:

Material copy

– Stripes of paper – 2 different colors. Paper as thick as a greeting card or similar is good. Make both the stripes identical in length and width. Approx 6 inches wide and 15 inches long is fine. This creates a book for 10 photos. You can increase the length if you want more capacity.

– Flat backed crystals or any other embellishments are fine.

– Scissors

– Craft glue

– Glittering paper

– Glittering tape

Step 1: Fold each paper stripe at about 1.5 inch from bottom as shown below


Step 2: Stick the two stripes to each other such that their flat sides (the one where there is no fold) are together


Step 3: Remember how we created simple Japanese paper fans when we were in school? Take the red and blue combo paper and fold it like you would fold a Japanese fan, only make sure you fold across the length and make each fold about 5 inches wide.


Your mini photo book basic is ready!

Step 4: Now stick the glitter paper to front and back and cover edges with glitter tape


Jassi is affectionately called JC. I created the letters with a fine golden chain and embellished with tiny crystals.

On the back side I went free hand and put together a simple design.


Easy, right? Try it as a Diwali gift for someone special and do let me know what he/she felt when they received a handmade gift like this one :)


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