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Getting closer to my dreams

Hey everybody, thank you for watching over me.

I have been away from this space for a few days now and I know you all missed me. I got several pings on FB / email from folks wanting to know that all is well. So, for all of you who asked – I have been doing well, keeping busy with getting everyone settled in USA and getting closer to my dreams with each passing day.

I did buy my first ever car! It’s a Nissan Versa Hatchback 2012 model – a shiny new black beauty. I am delighted with it.



Dream #2 þ

If that was dream #2, what is dream #1, you ask? It is an online blogging course by one of my all time favorite bloggers – Holly Becker! Holly is the lady behind decor8 and someone I have been admiring for a long time now. In fact she is the one who first got me interested with this concept of *blogging* way back in 2008. I remember when she had first announced that she was starting a blogging class, I very much wanted to be a part of it. However, a full time job + family situation did not permit it until now and this got added to my wish-list. Finally, this October, I have joined Blogging your way – the class of my dreams. We are almost one week into the class and I am devouring the material. It is incredible how much wisdom one can share, how many talented people you get to network with and the amazing support & encouragement all that gives to you as a young blogger. I am living my dream.

Dream #1 þ

All these achievements surely called for a celebration! What better than some yummy carrot-banana cupcakes ? {Recipe coming soon…}


I offered these to my Kanhaji, DH and my two little princesses. Without their support I know I could not have come this far. I also thanked Kanhaji for all you well wishers.

Hmmmm Life is good.

What about you? How have you been doing? Do you have a wish-list? A desire deep in your heart marked for “some day“? How are you pursuing it?

Also, when you do fulfil one of your wishes, how do you celebrate? Can’t wait to hear back from you.

Reply soon,


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