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Happy Birthday, Mr. C

Today is one of the most important days for me. This day about 34 years ago a boy was born with whom my destiny was intertwined. My happily ever after. Yup, it’s my husband’s birthday today. Here’s wishing him

A very very happy birthday!

May all your dreams come true!!

So being far away is not helping. Anyways.

As a birthday gift for him from miles away, I decided to create a scrapbook style poster using ZoomIn. Out of some of our photos I created a collage, threw in some rose petals, a warm background dotted with tiny hearts, a couple cliparts, and this saying,

“As we grow older together,

as we continue to change with age,

there is one thing which will never change..

I will always keep falling in love with you.”

This saying is so true for me. When I am with him, I take him for granted, nag him for little things, at times even irritate him with my OCD’ic behavior. But deep down my heart I respect, love and cherish him. He makes my world complete.

So, the overall effect of my attempt at digital scrapbooking was stunning.

You and Me.png

And the best part? I ordered it only 4 days before his birthday with express shipping and it got delivered to my place in India just the evening before his birthday! My niece was the one to collect the parcel and she hid it from everyone. At exactly 00:00 hours on his birthday they cut a cake, wished him happy birthday and handed my present to him !! Thanks, Shiva. You Rock!

He loved it! :)

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