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Happy Teddy Day {and a printable gift tag}

Friends, it’s time to wish you all

A Very Happy Teddy Day!

Incidentally, it also happens to be my second lil princess’s birthday. She turns 2 today :D

akshu cake

My day started as a very happy one. I did spend some time playing with her, wishing her, making her laugh. Post lunch I went out with my friends and got cake for her. But towards the end of the day something happened which is making my heart heavy. One of my close friends lost his job. I’m not feeling good. I want to help him somehow. I know I will help him search and get another one. But until I do that I am not going to feel good. I am asking my Kanhaji to be with him through these tough times. I think I need a hug… :(

Sorry friends, I did not mean to dampen your spirits. I wanted to share with you a list of my favorite toy shops on etsy. I don’t feel very fancy so please bear with me…

For those of you who are living in the bygone era, etsy is an online shopping mall where each shop has handmade items. From vintage jewellery to digital stamps – they have shops for these on etsy. It was love at first click between me and etsy and since them it’s been one of my favorite spots to surf. Here are some of the shops that deal with soft toys and teddys and dolls that I personally love… Remember these are not really teddys but cute gifts for your loved ones just the same…

For those of you who love to knit {Devyani, hope you are reading this… }, here’s a shop that has adorable knitting patterns. Yes, patterns. Np, not finished dolls. You get downloadable pdf files instantly no matter where you live. This one is from a shop called DollyTime.


Slinging mommy with her cute little baby. Oh look at their hair…! Aren’t these darling? They are by Tanya from FrejaToys.


Do you recall the Cartoon Network series “Heidi” which was based on the novel by Johanna Spyri ? The cute little lamb below reminds me of Yuki. Sweetness…! From Linda Huelsman of the lindaskraftykreation


Up next is a doll that reminds me of the rag dolls which my mom used to make for us when we were little. It’s from OhSewDollin. Again this is a shop that gives sewing patterns for dolls, not real dolls.


Who says toys have to be made with fabric? Below is one that is made of paper. Yes, paper! I know, I know this one is not really a teddy nor a soft toy. But I sooo love it, that I had to share… It’s from KellettKreations


That’s all I got for you today, folks. As promised, here’re your gift tags for today… :)

if i had many hearts copy

TEDDY 1 copy


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