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It’s gift giving time

This year I knew I would not have time to make handmade gifts for everyone. So when we went to Gatlinburg in November we visited the Christmas place and got gifts for friends. However, as Christmas came near I did steal some time to make just a couple gifts.

The first one was for Princess D’s class teacher. During our PTMs I had noticed that she liked to wear jewelry. So this year I made red and gold necklace – earrings set for her.

photo 1

photo 3

I am told she really liked it and she also sent a thank you card saying so. Made me very happy :)


As one of the birthday presents, Princess D got a beautiful black and fuchsia dress from her favorite Shruti Auntie.

Diya's 8 bday 066

A dress as cute as this needed something better for D’s hair than the two pink clips she is wearing in this picture. So I took one of the lesser used headbands she had, wrapped black crochet thread all around it and sewed a couple fuschia colored, jeweled buttons on top. (buttons by Sewology purchased from Hobby Lobby).


Princess D herself helped in the yarn-wrapping part. So I can’t strictly say this is a gift, really. But I decided to mention it here because this can easily be one of the last-minute-handmade gifts you can make for that pretty girl in your family :)


The new craze in my home right now is finger knitting. Thanks to Anne from Flax and Twine, me and my girls are hooked into this easy and affordable form of creativity. The other day while watching Harry Potter movie I decided to experiment with it and created a long chunky tube. A couple more Sewology buttons and yarn pom-poms later, it became transformed into this beautiful, warm and trendy necklace:

photo 3

photo 4

I also learned how to make an adjustable knot using this fantastic tutorial by JTHQ.

photo 2

I also got to teach Princess D how to make a yarn pom-pom. One of the three pom-poms on this necklace was made by her. She was so proud of herself :)


D also learned finger knitting and made this cute little scarf for her Barbie doll. It is gifting time after all :)

Barbie 1

There you go. Four gift ideas. All handmade. For some special girls in your life.


With warm wishes,


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