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My Vision Board

Hi after a very long time! Hope life has been treating you well :-)

As some of you would know, I recently celebrated by birthday. Got lots of wishes and blessings and gifts and had a wonderful day! Thanks to each one of you out there who reached out to me with your thoughts. I truly appreciate you!

This year, for my birthday, I decided to put together a vision board. Just a couple weeks ago, we happened to watch a movie on Netflix “The Gabby Douglas Story” and they made a vision board in that movie. My princesses wanted to know all about what-it-was, how-to-make-it etc and that’s how we started working on one for our family.

It was my dear friend Shikha who introduced me to “The Secret” and its message got my interest. Thanks to the law of attraction, I did attract a lot of good things in my life. I was able to demonstrate the use of this to some of my family members too, and I was thinking of a fun way of passing it on to my princesses. Again, as law of attraction would have it, I found the answer in the movie! Thank you, Kanhaji :-)

Along with the one for all of us as a family, I put together a personal vision board – specifically for my own goals.

What went on my Vision Board?

First and foremost I made a list of areas in which I want to achieve something (yes, kinda like an order that I’d like to place to the Universe). Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Spirituality – I want to grow in this area. I want to learn more about my Kanhaji & his teachings and inculcate them into my daily life.

  2. My family – most important part of my life. I want to love and support them always.

  3. My blog – I want to grow my blog, widen its reach and inspire women to live a creative, fulfilling life.

  4. Get my driver’s license and new car. I’ve been in love with Jeep. :-)

  5. Travel – I miss traveling and exploring these days. Want to do more of it.

  6. Meditation – Mindfulness meditation is something each of us should bring into our lives. I have started practicing it and want to continue to do so. The books “Search inside yourself” and “Mindfulness” inspired me to do this. These are available on Audible too.

  7. Running / fitness – Have been on & off on this one. Want to do more of it, regularly.

  8. Home – We came to this country in 2012. I am now wanting to put our roots here and make it our home. Wish me luck :-)

  9. Money – of course! It comes easily & naturally to me and I am so thankful for it. I want it to remain that way.

How I made my Vision Board?

I wanted my vision board to be quick and easy. I also wanted it to be something I can print and put in several different places I frequent throughout my day. So I explored several different options:

1. Pinterest – I did create a vision board on Pinterest, but making it print friendly was a challenge. I couldn’t organize the pins in a certain order, could not control the placement of images, so I moved on. Pinterest did become the main source of images for me though. You can think of it as a great substitute for all the magazines you’d cut while putting together a physical vision board. :-)

2. MS Powerpoint – Though this solved the problem of ordering and placing my images, I found it was a lot of work to get the overall layout to come together.

3. Google Picasa – I almost did create one using this tool and I’m sure its collage maker can be a very good tool to make vision boards. The only glitch I ran into, was that once it set the images on a mosaic layout, I could only shuffle images to rearrange them. I could not individually adjust the height / width on these images. Also, I could not block a full width spot for the title. Here’s what I created using Picasa:

Vision Board Jul 2015 created using Picasa

4. – It was almost similar experience like Picasa. I could not individually manipulate the images.

5. – Finally this is what I used to put together my vision board. Its collage maker has a wide variety of layouts and provides a lot of flexibility. Its image editor has oh-so-many options to work with individual images, has amazing effects/overlays/text you could add and is so much easy to use. To take full advantage of this tool, I started my one month free trial. I am thinking of NOT canceling after the first month, because @ $33 per year ($2.75 per month) its features seem like a bargain!

Here’s final result:

Here are the image sources for each of the images you see here:

  1. The saying at the top is from The Gabby Douglas Movie :-) Somehow it speaks to my heart. I don’t have to change the whole world in a single day. I just have to make sure my today is definitely better than yesterday.

  2. 1 (Kanhaji) – My own image.

  3. 2 ( My own image.

  4. 4 (Mindfulness) –

  5. 5 (Running) – (Pinterest) popsugar fitness

  6. 6 (Travel destinations) –

  7. 7 (House) –

  8. 8 (Family) – My own image. :-)

  9. 9 (Money) – Pinterest (

How do I plan to use this Vision Board?

I am going to print + frame it and put it on my bedside table and (may be) on my office desk. Every time I see it, I will send a silent thank-you to my Kanhaji who fulfills all my wishes. (He love me. A lot.)

My bedside table also holds my gratitude journal, so the two should work extremely well together. Don’t you think?

So, what are your thoughts about a vision board? Ever made one? How did you make it? What did you use it for? Please do share. I’d love to know.

xoxo, ~Varada

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